Field Trips

The Foundation typically pairs with the Mineralogical Society of Arizona for monthly field trips. These trips provide collecting opportunities at Arizona localities that are not generally available to the public and attendees must be a member of either the FMF or MSA for insurance purposes. The FMF recommends that parties interested in field trips become members of the MSA.
The weekend trips are usually scheduled once or twice a month, more often during the winter,  and may involve some nominal fees. Depending upon the site, space may be limited, and carpooling is encouraged. Proper safety precautions, such as hard hats, eye protection, long pants, and boots, must be exercised by all attendees.

Past outings have included:

  • Amethyst Hill
  • Purple Passion mine
  • Red Cloud mine
  • Fat Jack mine
  • Blanchard Claims, New Mexico

Currently planned field trips are listed below. Additional information may be found in the MSA newsletter.

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