The Flagg Award

The A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award is presented annually to an individual who has distinguished himself/herself by service to the Flagg Mineral Foundation.

Following the death of Foundation member and mineral dealer Sarah Foster in 1998 came the realization it would be appropriate to create a mechanism to recognize special members for their service to the group and the hobby.  The A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award was a result of a committee formed during the January 16, 1998, annual meeting.

Beginning with the Minerals of Arizona Symposium in 1999, the A.L.Flagg Distinguished-Service Award was to be awarded annually. The nominee must be a Foundation member who
(1) has distinguished himself/herself by service to the Foundation, and
(2) embodies what Mr Flagg did for sharing this very rewarding hobby.

The original group to pick the recipient were Ray and Cynthia Grant, Darrel Dodd, John Weide, Alice Rosenfeld, and Genie Howell. Except for Alice Rosenfeld, who has died, that group is still intact.
Early on, the goal was to honor the small number of remaining longtime members who faithfully worked to keep the Foundation moving forward during the early years. Committee member discussion informally starts during the Flagg Show, and, if not finalized there, is decided around the time of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipient of the A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award – Mr. Charlie Connell!

Mr. Charlie Connell being presented the A.L. Flagg Distinguished Service Award by Bill Yedowitz and Ray Grant


Past Recipients of the A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award:

1999 – Marc Watson
2000 – Ben Benham
2001 – Ray Grant
2002 – Les Presmyk
2003 – Anna Domitrovic
2004 – Steve Decker
2005 – Harvey Jong
2006 – Darrel Dodd
2007 – Bill Yedowitz
2008 – Lavone Archer
2009 – Marc Fleischer
2010 – Genie Howell
2011 – Chuck Kominski
2012 – Bob Jones
2013 – Mardy Zimmerman
2014 – Doug Lindsay
2015 – Shirley Coté & Doug Duffy
2016 – Phil Richardson
2017 – Mike Williams
2018 – Charlie Connell

Marc Watson was the first recipient of the A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award at the Seventh Minerals of Arizona Symposium held March 27, 1999. Marc, 80, was well-known for her knowledge of quartz, especially her “discovery” of the Four Peaks amethyst with c-faces. She joined the MSA in January, 1963, at the urging of her daughter Roberta and because she had a need to “keep up” with kids like Les Presmyk and Wayne Thompson in her 4H group. Her MSA membership led to her association with the Flagg Foundation. Les Presmyk presented the award to Marc as he was Foundation Chair in 1999. He placed two quartz crystals on her award, one from the Fat Jack and the other from Quartzsite.

Flagg Award 1999

The first five A.L. Flagg Distinguished-Service Award Recipients – Ray Grant, Marc Watson, Les Premyk, Anna Domitrovic and Ben Benham.

Flagg Award

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