FGMS Dealer Information

2025 Flagg Show – January 3, 4, and 5, 2025

The vendor contract and reservation form may be found at the link below.
Vendor Information/Reservation for the 2025 FGMS (click here)
A pdf document will save/open in a new window. Instructions are on the form.
For information, contact
the Flagg Show Dealer Chairman: Dealer Chair

Rules and Changes for 2025 – please review carefully

1. Overnight camping is not allowed on the Mesa Community College (MCC) Parking Lot. Dealers who ignore this rule will be asked to leave immediately without refund of show fees.

2. There will be designated spaces for prepaid dealers. Any dealer who pays the 2025 fees before October 1, 2024 can request their 2024 space. Best efforts will be made to place you in the same space, if you wish.

3. Dealer space(s) are not owned by the dealer and cannot be sold or transferred by a dealer.

4. If you would like to share a space with another dealer you must state so on your contract. Each dealer must fill out a separate contract.

5. Any dealer requesting a different space will be put on a list based on first paid, first choice. We cannot guarantee any space, but will try to accommodate dealers. Please pay early if you want your space back!

6. This is a gem and mineral show. At least 75% of your items must pertain to the gem, jewelry, mineral and mining industry. The show committee reserves the right to ask vendors to adjust inventory to be in compliance.

7. No dealer may set up before Thursday at 9:00 A.M.

8. The city of Mesa requires a event sales tax license. For more information, go to: https://azdor.gov/transaction-privilege-tax-tpt

9. Electrical and water hookups are not available. Dealers must supply their own tables.

10. Twenty-four-hour professional security service has been enlisted by the Foundation. Dealers are still responsible for securing their spaces and the Foundation is not responsible for losses during the show.

11. Dealers are responsible for cleaning up their area. If an area requires extra cleaning effort by the Foundation, a clean-up charge may be assessed.

12. MCC is a no smoking and no alcohol campus. That includes the parking lot. You need to go over the sidewalk on Dobson to smoke.

13. Dogs must be on leashes and are not allowed on the campus proper.

14. All COVID-19 protocols required by MCC shall be followed by all dealers. If the event is canceled by MCC, the Foundation bears no responsibility for lost revenue or other obligations other than refunding a dealer’s space fee.

15. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse any request for dealer space. Prior participation does not guarantee a contract for the current show.


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