Minerals of AZ Symposium Index

Thirty One Year Speaker Index for
Minerals of Arizona Symposium
This index is for the first 31 years of the Minerals of Arizona Symposium and includes the current year (2024).

For the 2001 Symposium on Arizona type localities, the titles are given as Type Localities followed by the locality name.
Multiple authors are listed with the speaker first followed by the names of the other speakers/authors.

Beck, Brian
(2010) Crown King ore Deposits
(2011) The Forgotten Silver District – Peck Mining District
(2014) Geobacter in Arizona
(2016) Unique Occurrence of Native Lead in Arizona

Bideaux, Richard
(1993) Minerals of Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine
(1994) History of the Study of Arizona Minerals
(1996) The Glove Mine
(1997) Arizona’s Lost Minerals –Arizonite and Bisbeeite
(1999) The Saddle Mountain Topaz – Bixbyite – Spessartine Locality
(2000) The Old Yuma Mine, Pima County, Arizona: a Premier Vanadinite and Wulfenite Locality
(2001) Type Localities – Mammoth St.-Anthony, United Verde, and Ajo
(2002) A Lost Arizona Chromate Locality

Burt, Donald
(1993) Topaz Rhyolites in Arizona and the Southwest
(1999) Mn-rich Metamorphic Minerals from Squaw Peak, Phoenix, Arizona

Callahan, John
(2005) Minerals of the 79 mine, Gila County, Arizona

Carter, Catie
(2018) The Arizona Mining, Mineral and Natural Resources Education (MMNRE) Museum: A rebirth of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum under the University of Arizona

Carter, Mark
(2009) Solar Wind, Searles Canyon, and Maynard Claims, Utah

Celestian, Stan
(2003) An Earth Science Image Archive
(2004) Quartz from Date Creek, Yavapai County
(2022) The Hidden Treasures of the L.A. County Museum
(2023) Collecting to build Teacher and Educational Earth Science Kits

Celestian, Stan and Richard Zimmerman
(2007) Amethyst Hill

Coggins, Mason
(1994) History of Gold Mining in Arizona
(1995) The Flagg Photograph Collection

Connel, Charlie
(2004) Restoration of the Swallow Mine Stamp Mill
(2022) Mining Equipment Demonstrations

Davis, Ed
(2000) The Four Peaks Amethyst Mine

Delventhal, Erin
(2024) A rediscovery of epidote pseudomorphs after orthoclase from the Orogrande district, Otero Co., New Mexico

DeMark, Ramon
(2003) Minerals of the Blanchard Mine, Bingham, New Mexico

Dodd, Darrel
(1999) Myths and Facts about Metals

Domitrovic, Anna
(1993) Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Mineral Collection
(1994) Wulfenite: a Distinguished Arizona Mineral
(1995) Arizona Pseudomorphs
(1996) The Castle Dome District
(1997) The Care and Feeding of a Mineral Collection
(1998) Taking Care of the Little Things – the Micromount Collection at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
(1999) A Geological Traverse of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico
(2000) Mines and Minerals of the Patagonia Mountains and Santa Cruz County, Arizona
(2001) Type Localities – Bisbee
(2002) Ten More Years of Collecting in the Arizona Sonoran Desert
(2003) A look at the Minerals and Mines of Helvetia, Pima County
(2004) Minerals of the Silver Bell Mine, Pima County, Part 1
(2005) Richard Bideaux’s Mineral Collection
(2006) Twenty-eight years at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
(2007) Mineral Park District, Mohave County
(2008) Mines and Minerals of the Pima Mining District, Pima County, Arizona
(2009) Mines and Minerals of the Turquoise District (Courtland, Gleeson), Cochise County, Arizona
(2010) The Eureka Mining District and Vicinity (T13.5-15.5N, R9W)
(2011) Mines and Minerals of the Amole District, Tucson Mountains, Pima County
(2012) Celebrating 40 years of Mineralogy at the Sonora Desert Museum
(2013) Mineralogy along Route 66 in Northern Arizona
(2014) Revisiting the Eastern Flanks of the Santa Rita Mountains, Greaterville and Rosemont, Pima County
(2015) Emus, Roos and Minerals and Mines at Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
(2016) The Moss Mine, an Arizona Original
(2017) Genesis of a Limestone Cave and Associated Mineralogy
(2018) Remembering Dr. Arthur Steadman Roe
(2019) Minerals with Stories to Tell
(2021) The Significance of Donations to Museums
(2022) Mines and Minerals of Pearce and Courtland, Cochise County, Arizona
(2024) Field Collecting and Collectors at the Desert Museum

Duffy, Doug
(1996) Lapidary Materials

Eastman, Kyle
(2008) Inclusions in Quartz Crystals from Crown King, Arizona

Everson, Beverley
(2011) Rosemont Copper Project, Coronado National Forest

Fleck, Gary
(2023) The Fabulous Grey Horse Vanadinite Adventure

Fleeman, Michael
(2021) Fluorescence in Petrified Wood – Who Knew?

Garvie, Laurence
(1999) Cactus Minerals

Gibbs, Ron
(1994) Collecting Micro-minerals in the Big Lue Mountains, Greenlee County, Arizona
(2003) A New Creasyite Locality in Arizona?
(2004) Minerals of the Silver Bell Mine, Pima County –Part 2
(2011) Micro-minerals of the Evening Star Mine
(2017) What’s New in Arizona Minerals

Gibbs, Ron and Ray Grant
(2021) Mineralogy of Arizona, 4th Edition

Gibbs, Ron and Urban Turzi
(2007) Minerals in the Miarolitic Cavities of the Belmont Mountains, Maricopa County

Gleckler, Tony
(2022) Lighting Your Minerals: How your lights, your eyes and your rocks all interact

Godas, George and Ray Grant
(1996) The Silver District

Graeme, Richard
(1993) Supergene Minerals of Bisbee

Graeme, Richard and Doug
(2021) The Geology, Mineralogy and Mining/Mineral Collecting History of Bisbee

Grant, Raymond
(1993) Pegmatite Minerals of Arizona
(1994) Some Unusual Arizona Mineral Localities
(1998) An Unusual Arizona Type Locality
(2001) Type Localities – 7U7 Ranch and Hilltop Mine
(2002) Minerals Added to the Arizona List Since 1995
(2006) Minerals Replacing Fossils
(2017) Wulfenite, Arizona’s Official State Mineral
(2022) Arizona Vanadinite

Grant, Raymond, Malcolm Alter, and Peter Williams
(2010) Mineralogy of the Grandview Mine, Grand Canyon

Harris, Samantha, Zach Freeman, and Erik Melchiorre
(2004) Why is some Cerussite Yellow, and Why do we keep blaming Chrome?

Harter, Paul
(2007) A Glimpse at Life in a Mining Camp through Postal History

Harvey, Sharleen
(2006) Arizona Minerals at the Rice Museum

Hay, Mark
(2017) Arizona Cerussite
(2019) Minerals of the San Manuel Mine, Pinal County, Arizona
(2022) Vanadinite, Field Collecting in Western Arizona
(2024) Fluorite from the Oatman District, Mohave Co., Arizona

Hay, Mark and Dick Morris
(2007) Fluorite from the Oatman District

Heath, Randall
(2004) The Arizona Wulfenite Project

Houhoulis, Marty
(2007) Discovery and Exploration of the Resolution Copper Deposit, Superior

Hunt, Bill
(1996) Micromount Video

Jones, Evan
(2005) Red Beryl from the Wah Wah Mountains, Utah
(2009) Paramelaconite from Bisbee Arizona – The Type Locality
(2013) The Ben Williams Collection
(2018) How Wulfenite Became the Official State Mineral of Arizona

Jones, Robert
(1993) Private Mineral Collections in Arizona
(1994) Gems of Arizona
(2000) The Creations of Carl Faberge
(2003) Turquoise in the Southwest United States
(2019) Color in Minerals

Jong, Harvey
(2000) Virtual Reality Photography, a New Way of Sharing Mineralogical Knowledge and Experience
(2005) A Virtual Tour of the 79 Mine

Jong, Harvey and Ray Grant
(2008) What’s new in Arizona Minerals
(2009) What’s new in Arizona Minerals

Jong, Harvey and Joe Ruiz
(2010) Rare Minerals from Tiger, Arizona

Joyce, David
(2022) Mineral Collecting on the Bay of Fundy

Kaye, Thomas
(2021) Laser Stimulated Fluorescence from Earth to Mars
(2022) Laser Stimulated Fluorescence from Earth to Mars

Kazal, Louis
(1994) Lithograms

Keith, Stan
(2013) New Ideas on the Origin of Oil
(2014) New Ideas on the Origin of Oil and Real Diamonds: A Herkimer Quartz Diamond and Diamondoid Case History form New York
(2019) Mineralogy of a Giant Graphene Deposit in West-Central Arizona

Kepper, Jack
(1995) Goodsprings, Nevada

Kimbler, Frank
(2008) Uranium in Arizona

Langland, Jeff
(2023) Arizona Fossil Collecting, Following in my Father’s Footsteps

Lauretta, Dante
(2001) Type Localities – Meteorites and Meteor Crater

Leicht, Wayne
(1999) Minerals of the Grandview Mine

Liken, Paula
(2000) New Mineral Exhibits at the Mesa Southwest Museum

Lowery, Ron
(2007) Phelps Dodge’s new Mine at Safford

Lueth, Virgil
(1996) New Mexico Bureau of Mines – New Mineral Museum

Lueth, Virgil, Joan Beyer, and Ron Gibbs
(1996) Geology and Tellurium Minerals of the Lone Pine Area, Wilcox District, Catron County, New Mexico

Marty, Joe
(2005) Minerals of the Ophir District, Highlighting the Hidden Treasure Mine
(2006) Wulfenites of Western United States

McGlasson, Jim
(1998) Chromate Minerals in Arizona
(2001) Type Localities – Chromates and the Belmont Mountains
(2002) Tellurium Minerals
(2005) Richard Bideaux, An American Mineralogist
(2006) Vanadium mineral occurrences in Arizona, a brief review
(2007) Remembrance of Sidney A. Williams
(2008) Historical Mining, Minerals and Recent collecting, Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico
(2012) History and Development of Mining in Arizona before Statehood (1912)

McMahan, Pat
(2017) Agates of the United States

Megaw, Peter
(1997) Mineralogy of Santa Eulalia
(2001) Type Localities – Tombstone

Meiran, Eugene
(2007) “Best of America” the 2008 project

Melchiorre, Erik
(2004) Rich Hill: Arizona’s Most Amazing Gold District
(2006) The Origin of Malachite and Malachite
(2014) In-situ Gold Nugget Formation in Arizona
(2018) Heavy Metal: Gold, Silver, and Tungsten Mineral Collecting Opportunities around Quartzsite, Arizona

Miller, Glenn
(1993) Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum Mineral Collection

Mooney, P., R.T. Downs, and H. Yang
(2006) Raman Spectroscopy and the Future of Handheld Instruments

Moore, Carleton
(2010) How to find a Meteorite in Arizona

Mueller, Wolfgang
(2012) Gemstones of Arizona

Muntyan, Barbara
(2008) Minerals from the lessor mines, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
(2009) Quartz from the Santa Nino mine area, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
(2010) Aquamarine from Sierrita Mountains, Pima County, Arizona
(2011) Oracle Granite Tourmaline
(2012) Minerals of Washington Camp and the Patagonia Mountains
(2013) Minerals of Bagdad, Mohave County
(2014) Forty Years of Field Collecting: Colorado and Arizona
(2015) Crystallized Gypsum Deposits of the San Pedro River Basin
(2016) Arizona Fluorite Localities
(2017) Piedmont Mine, Yavapai County
(2018) Arizona Pseudomorphs
(2019) Arizona Prehnite
(2021) Bagdad Revisited

Nasser, Sam
(1995) The Museum Foundation’s Collection
(1997) The Perils of Pauline – Collecting Minerals in the Desert

Neumeier, Gunther
(2014) A Brief History of Mineral Magazines of the World
(2019) Playing in the Big Boys’ Sandbox – ASARCO’s Mission Mining Complex by Bill Williams

Nicolescu, Stefan
(2012) Arizona Territory Mineral Treasures in the Vaults of the Yale Peabody Museum

Niemuth, Nyal
(1993) Minerals and Metallogenic Provinces of Arizona
(1998) Collecting on Public and State Land
(2004) Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources Historic Photograph Collection

North, Robert
(1995) Mineralogy of Morenci
(2004) Gem Materials of Southwestern New Mexico

Ochart, Tera and Chelsea Sheets-Harris
(2015) Silver Production and Mineralogy of the Silver King Mine, Calico, CA

Oliglieri, Marcus
(2009) How New Minerals are Recognized and Characterized
(2012) The Mineralogy of Arizona: Past, Present, and Future

Oligieri, Marcus, Harvey Jong, and Ray Grant
(2010) What’s new in Arizona Minerals
(2011) What’s new in Arizona Minerals

Osterman, Chris
(2021) Discovery and Geology of the 417 Native Silver Deposit, Gila Co., Arizona

Pecha, Mark
(2024) Where did all that turquoise come from? A case study of the turquoise deposit from Bisbee, Arizona

Polman, George
(1994) Fluorescent Minerals of Arizona

Posser, Ed
(1998) Reflecting on Bill Hunt and his Micromounts

Potucek, Tony
(2003) Epidote in the Santa Theresa Mountains
(2010) Smithsonite in Arizona
(2011) Arizona Mineral Treasures
(2023) The Minerals of the San Pedro Mine, New Placers District, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, USA

Presmyk, Les
(1994) History and Minerals of the Pioneer Mining District
(1995) Arizona Silver
(1996) Arizona Calcite
(1997) The Red Cloud Mine: an Update
(1998) Diamond Point, a Case History in Mining Mineral Specimens
(1999) History and Minerals of the Old Dominion Mine, Globe, Arizona
(2000) Mines and Minerals of the Globe-Miami Area of Arizona
(2001) Type Localities – Grand Reef Mine
(2002) Specimens Added to the Foundation Collections in Recent Years
(2003) Twenty-five years of Collecting at Morenci, Arizona
(2004) Bisbee – Queen of the Copper Camps
(2006) “You might be a Mineral Collector if …………… .”
(2008) The Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona
(2009) Mineral preparation and cleaning – 101
(2010) Arizona’s Mineral Heritage – a new book project
(2012) 100 years of Statehood, 50 years of Collecting Arizona
(2013) Arizona’s Fabulous Sulfates
(2014) Arizona’s Gold and Silver Mining Specimens
(2015) Red Cloud Mine – the World’s Greatest Wulfenite Locality
(2016) Arizona Quartz
(2017) Silver and Gold in Arizona, Mining History and the Specimens that Resulted
(2018) The Pioneer Mining District, Pinal County, Arizona
(2019) An Update on UofA’s Two Mineral Museums

Presmyk, Les and Raymond Grant
(2005) Rhodochrosite and other Manganese Minerals in Arizona

Rakovan, John
(2023) The Discovery of the Rhode Island Amethyst Scepters

Rasmussen, Jan
(2008) Vision for the Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum
(2009) Wulfenite in Arizona
(2012) Mines and Minerals of the Tombstone Area, Arizona
(2013) Formation of Arizona Minerals through Geologic Time
(2017) Geology of the Tucson Mountains

Reed, Trica and Chelsea Sheets-Harris
(2014) Fingerprinting Origins of Placer Gold from Vulture and Rich Hill

Richardson, Phil
(2005) Known as “Old Reliable: the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, Utah
(2013) The Arthur L. and Richard W. Flagg Collection
(2016) Photographs from Richard Bideaux’s Collection
(2024) Collecting in Contemporary Utah

Rosenfeld, Alice
(1995) Arizona Miners and Mineral Collectors an Oral History Project

Ruiz, Joe and Jim McGlasson
(2001) Type Localities – Christmas and Rosemont

Sanders, Mike
(2015) Mine Reclamation and Mineral Specimen Recovery Operation at the Blanchard Mine, Socorro County, NM
(2021) Five Decades of Mineral Collecting in New Mexico
(2024) Three decades of Collecting in the Hansonburg Mining District, Socorro Co., New Mexico

Schuh, Curtis
(2003) Collectors and Collections in Arizona

Scott, Steve
(2023) Field Collecting, Apex Mine, St. George, Utah

Scovil, Jeff
(1994) Vanadinites of Arizona
(1995) Photographing Arizona Minerals
(2002) Ten Years of Photographing Arizona Minerals

Smith, Jeff
(2023) Geode Heaven: 21 Years and 18 Treasure Hunting Trips to one of the World’s Most Famous Geode Mines, Las Choyas, Chihuahua, Mexico
(2024) The Peculiar Geodes of the Trancas Station, Chihuahua, Mexico

Smith, Kyle David
(1993) Minerals of the Kullman-McCool Group

Stevens, George
(1997) Minerals of the 79 Mine
(2003) Wulfenite Localities in the Lost Basin District, Mohave County

Sutton, Graham
(2023) Collecting Adventures in the Southwest and in China

Thompson, Bob
(2000) Camp Verde Evaporites

Wallace, Terry
(1993) University of Arizona Mineral Collection
(1997) The Romero Collection

Weide, John
(1999) Quartz, a Mineral with Many Forms

Wenrich, Karen
(2002) Mineralogy of the Breccia Pipes in Northern Arizona
(2013) Rare Earth Elements in Arizona
(2015) The Apex Mine, Utah
(2024) The Sweet Home mine, Alma, Colorado

White, Sugar
(2002) Collecting in Southern Arizona

Wilkinson, Will
(2015) History of the Freeport-McMoran Mineral Collection

Williams, Bill
(2011) Minerals of the Mission Complex

Williams, Sid
(1996) Petrography

Wilson, Wendell
(1996) Arizona Wulfenite Project
(2021) Minerals in the Movies

Vacek, Jimmy
(2002) Copper Gems of Arizona

Vozza, Vince
(1998) Zeolites, the Misunderstood Minerals

Zimmerman, Mardy and Richard
(2021) Arizona Fluorescents: A Forty Year Adventure

Zimmerman, Richard
(2005) Minerals of the Midnight Owl Mine, White Pichacho District, Arizona
(2006) Pseudomorphs
(2014) Geodes, Septarians and Thunder Eggs, Their Structure and Origin
(2016) Formation of Quartz Scepters
(2018) The Cause of Color of Wulfenite
(2019) Collecting Radioactive Minerals
(2022) Fluid Inclusions and Negative Crystals

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